About us

About us

The Gilder name in this area has a long heritage of farming and when it comes to knowing good cattle, we reckon we know extraordinary quality when we see it.  The family has been involved with trucks for a century or more, initially moving livestock on those early wagons, to the modern day where each branch of the family has its own specialism – some still moving livestock, whilst we have moved on – but one thing’s for sure, whatever you eat, drink, wear, sit on or sleep on, some of its journey to you would have been on a truck.  Love them or hate them, your modern life depends on them.  The heart of the Longhorn has been born out of these two elements: cattle; and trucks – and there you have it…


What we bring to you…

Passion for food and quality is a statement so often banded around that it has been reduced to the banal.  What a shame, because genuine passion for something is what drives us on each day to carry on striving for extraordinary quality and superior provenance: It’s what we do to elevate the standard of food on your plate so you can treat yourself to one of our succulent steaks and feast on our finest cuts.

The Longhorn – where you can delight your palate with superior meats, expertly butchered, aged and cooked; indulge yourself on the irresistible pleasure of fine wine and; quench your thirst on local ales; because quality is something many give lip service to but few achieve..

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