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For our top tipple, we look a little further afield – unfortunately, our climate limits our ability to produce the full-bodied reds that suit our meats. You’ll find wines that we sell in our farm shop – we reckon they all ‘punch above their weight’ and are largely from smaller producers that you won’t find on the supermarket shelves.

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RED PINOT NOIR Les Argelières, M Lasserre 2021
Fruity, elegant well-balanced wine from Languedoc. Raspberry and cherry aromas with subtle smoky and peppery hints.

CHÂTEAU HAUT RIAN 1er Côtes de Bordeaux, Michel Dietrich 2018
An excellent fruity wine.

CHÂTEAU DE PLAISANCE Penavayre, Côtes du Frontonnais 2019
Aromas of spice and stewed fruit which is rounded and balanced on the palate, using négrette and cabernet franc grapes.

CHÂTEAU LE BEDAT Bordeaux Supérieur 2018
Medium-bodied, elegant wine, red and black cherries, some tannins.

PINOT NOIR Hamilton Russell, SA 2020
Plenty of fruit and true taste make for quality that Burgundy cannot deliver at this price